What we do…

If no one took a photo, did it ever really happen? In this day and age quality content in greater quantities is key to a brands success and ability to communicate effectively in a competitive market. We work with brands to provide them with a full range of deliverables to meet their marketing needs. We use an organic approach when it comes to producing content so that your audience continues to feel the trust you created with them. We’ll get hands on with your products to deliver you the goods you’ve always been looking for.



Looking to explore Sub-Saharan Africa but aren’t quite sure what to do or how to plan your next adventure? We curate a variety of overland travel experiences to suit your needs. Whether it be Self Drive through the Okavango Delta or Hiking the Drakensberg. You fly in and we’ll take care of the rest!



Have a content idea, but no means to execute it? We work with creative teams, videographers, photographers & designers to deliver on your needs. We’ll tie it all together with detail orientated Producers and Directors. Work with a single entity, whilst gaining access to a wider variety of creativity and skills.

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It’s no secret that telling your message with powerful imagery, is a cornerstone of active engagement. But how do you stand out from the clutter online? We’ll deliver a bespoke content creation solution, tailored to your needs & budget. We can work in-house, or call on the best of the best to deliver your video & stills campaign in style and at the highest of quality.

Our work

Our annual Bonafide Moto Adventure to the well known Sani Pass. We hoped for Snow, but instead we got beautiful riding weather on our 3 day mini-adventure. 25 riders, one hell of a good time and crew to document it all. The teaser is a short overview of the Adventure, we will release a short doccie along with some of our other Moto Adventures shortly. A short film by Ryan Jarrett & Alex Shapiro. Edit by Ryan Jarrett.

In December 2015, 25 motorcycle enthusiast set out on an adventure known as the Sabie Bubble Run. It was 5 days and went from Johannesburg to Sabie (South Africa). The rules were simple: don't be a dick, and if it doesn't fit on your motorcycle it stays behind. We documented the run to show the world what this motorcycle culture is doing here in South Africa and for you to see a country you probably haven't experienced. Our group of riders was intimate and unique. We all had different tastes in bikes, various jobs, wide range of ages, and at least one thing in common - we came to ride.

This video showcases a memorable 50th Edition of the Motul Roof of Africa which was held in Lesotho in November 2017. The Roof of Africa had its humble beginnings in 1967 when Bob Phillips, a Roads Engineer working in Lesotho, approached the Sports Car Club in Johannesburg and asked them if they would like to run a race over the worst road in the world that he had just finished building. The Roof of Africa was born! Extreme weather conditions, highly skilled riders, and a beautiful backdrop brought to us by Mother Nature and the friendly people of Lesotho; This is The Motul Roof of Africa. Cinematographers: Alan Shenton & Grant Lucas Drone Pilot: Joe Fleming Editor: Alan Shenton Interview: Alfie Cox

A series of shorts of a 2 week adventure around
South Africa with Land Rover in the Discovery Sport